My name is Jessica.
Call me whatever you want.
My favorite things are music, cartoons, La Dispute and He Is We. I'm actually probably not as cool as you think i am.
I'm very friendly.

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how 2 b da sc3n3 qu33n

stp 1: hav nuu mkup on

stp 2: Str8n ur hair

stp 3: teaz da fuq out of ur hair

stp 4: pt on sum fondashun nd bsic mkup

stp 5: pt on sum sc3n3 mkup

stp 6: get sum cool uniq close nd jewlry nd tk picz

nd das how u be da sc3n3 qu33n u guise

copy xacly so u cn b jst as uniq az me okkkkkk? xoxox

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